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Cheese Or Egg???
Da ChEeSe/EGg Debate Settled!!!!!

This page is 4 ma best budder Chaz...

Chazza is da bestest budder in the whole frickn world!!!!! & we literally live in each otherz houses tis cos her mum loves me so much love u 2 Nik!!! & we r totalli gna get blak in greece 4 7 FRICkN weeks!!!! 

We're gna get sooo brown teehee! me & Chaz do evrythin 2g4 went to Somerset, thorpe park Isle of Wight goin to Greece, France & Italy hehe!!!!! & neways i love u huni and will do nethin 4 ya Mwah!!!!!!!! xxxxXxxxx
Hehe Chaz snored wen we slept round Andy wit Leroy hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! & it was her cos she woke me up!!!!!!!!!! Teeheeee!!!!!!!!! Cn't sey theres ne annoyin habits thgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chaz drunkard!!!!!!!!

Omigod I love Chaz we'v spent all half term 2g4!!!! So gr8!!! I love her ssooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! Teeheeeee me bored now dumdedumdumdum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hummm yesss "I am da mimic man....." "If u want 2 take a pic of the fasinatin witches....." hummmmmmmm "humprey bear..." ok i'm sad yes i no!!!!!!! yearse!
Hehe Chaz has cooties!!!! Me & Chaz r total surf d00ds/ blue crush/ DOOOOooooooDs hehe!!!! We're gna go surfin in Newquay and mums buyin a house in Greece so we're gna be in greece like ervy summa so we gna surf evryday & get blak!!!!!! & we're gna hav so many cool d00d m8s!!!!
& we r totalin gna go on my dads new boat wen he gets it and get a total cool banana boat!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loves U All Ma Sexi Hunni Bunny Boos!!!!!!!!