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Da ChEeSe/EGg Debate Settled!!!!!
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Cheese Or Egg???
Da ChEeSe/EGg Debate Settled!!!!!

Dis is da END!!!!

So me Chaz or sum1 has walked up 2 u & asked what is betta Cheese or Egg!!! Truth is thr is no decidin which is bta we can sit here & hav a disgussion til da end of tyme but in da end neitha will win u eitha lyke one of them or u dn't doesn't mean ones betta and lookin at da points both me & chaz hav cum up with we both hav strong arguments so why don't we jst sey both cheese & egg r da equally the best altho i can personally sey tht chocolate beats them all plus u can have choc eggs and melt and mould chocolate into the shape of cheese & evrythin else 4 tht matta!!! So I guess its all up 2 u!!!! Vote which is ur favourite but lets not fall out ova dis stuf guyz god one small question has turned in2 a argument da yr 9, 10, 11 & even sixth formers hav joined into!!!! i FINK ITS TYME WE GROW UP GUYZZZZ well especially me I am da one with da website sayin cheese is the best teehee!!!!!!!!!! Love ya'z all xxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxx


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Loves U All Ma Sexi Hunni Bunny Boos!!!!!!!!