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Cheese Or Egg???
Da ChEeSe/EGg Debate Settled!!!!!

Omigod Chaz!!! Wt r u on about Cheese lyke totalli rules!!!!!!

This Cheese Vs Egg debate is goin way too far every1 knws cheese beats the egg wt is wit egg neway u can't jst go 2 da fridge & eat it!!! RAW ewwwwww dats lyke totalli rough!!!!  Cheese iz lush u can have cheese crisps, cheesy chips, Cheese & Crackers yummm PizzA!!! yummmmm cheese!!!!!
And ere r sum more reason to vote cheese!!
- Wide Variety
- Can be grated, shaped/moulded and melted
- Cheese is strong 9eggs easily crack)
- Eggs smell like farts!!!!
- Bacon & Prawns r descendents of the cheese family!
- Cheese goes well wit toast, bread, ham, jacket poatoes, crackers, wine, biscuits + loads more
- Eggs will kill u!!!!
- Cool ppl r cheeses
- Eggs r potential birds, UR eatin lives!!!
- Eggs r messy
- Cn't get cheesestrings or baby eggs or EXTREME eggs
- Eggs will fall thrgh bagel hole BUT PHILEDELPHIA CANT
- Eggs giv u stomach aches if nt cooked
- U don't have to cook cheese
       CHEESE 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!

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Loves U All Ma Sexi Hunni Bunny Boos!!!!!!!!