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This is ma incredibly random page of randomness

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Jess's Amazing Story Fings don't get as random as this
Righteo Homeo.. Since someone outrandomed my randomness I thought I'd better regain my title by wrtitng some random sentences about random things.. I hope you know I aint happy about you being more random than me, even though I don't know you  *kneels and strops in 90 angle*
I think I'll tell you a story you've all been living to hear from me, ever since I told Chaz about her chamber in Elephant Land. I know she loves that chamber. And i also know bout her little kerfuffles every night that her blue and orange dragon has with Fairy Jazzman!! Fairy Jazzman would have never disobeyed me before you came to Elephant Land. Holy shit I thought I'd lost that line for a quarter of a millisecond then. Stupid blue fish. It always looks at me with it's big googley eyes. One of these days I'm gonna knock it off the side so it flips over the bars all the way into Nikki's nose. Jellyman. My lil zoe. Such a pretty dork. Now, where was i with that story? My Outrandomer might have thought he was clever by using big words, but it was all a load of engraving that made no sense at all. At least mine makes sense. I love you really. I'll blow you to smitheroonis. I just don't know you yet. Rach smoothered grease all around but it wud not work. Oh that god damn curtain. Damn thing. I wish it would stop shaking. Stop it! Just stop I tell you! Walk down the stairs then go back up again singing, aww such a clever shitster I have there. Seriously now.. No not seriously, not seriously at all. Back to the story. It all started when I felt like being a fool.....
  As you all know I'm the fairy that rules Elephant Land. My name is Fairy Commander Thompson. Such an original heavy madamn I am. And anti-commanders Allaway and Nichols dressed my monkey and tried 2 spank it. Well, Chaz ran away from home, and of course because she hates me so much the only place she could think of coming was to where I live, Elephant Land. She arrived, dressed nicely in a purple polkadot Jumpsuit. I told Fairy Jazzman to show her to her cabin. Wait a minute, I never told you how i became the leader of Elephant Land did I. Once upon a time, I wanted to see what it would be like to live on Elephant Land where fairies rule over everyone. This right here is where I get out my virtual memory. The technology these days amazes me. Really does. Carrying on... when I arrived on the island, I was wearing pink. Ellaweena, who at the time was the leader of the Land, said to me "Why on Jupiter are you wearing pink, and why on Venus are you showing your anus here when you're a blinking alien? You know snotty well only elephants are allowed here". Geez did that tick me off?! Next thing.. Knowing me, as you are most likely not to, my attitude got the worst of me. Along came Alice in a superman suit with a gigantic axe. 'Chop'. Ellaweena's head went flying through the air. Danniella caught it on camera and showed me. She showed me the wrong tape at first though.. Lesbian porn it was. Why would I wanna see that danni?! Then she showed me the right video. Ellawenna's head landed on the top of a hill! Fancy that eh?! It went rolling down the hill.. weeee. It must of had a ball of a time. End of. I was then leader of Elephant Land.
  Slowly travelling forward in time to when Chaz arrived. Fairy Jazzman showed her and her dragon to her chamber. And we all know what happened next.
  Thankyou. Chips.. yumm.

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Loves U All Ma Sexi Hunni Bunny Boos!!!!!!!!