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Cheese Or Egg???
Da ChEeSe/EGg Debate Settled!!!!!

Evry Week/Day (depends how often goss cums up) I'm gna write it on this page!!!! Hehe 

Dooooooood Me & Chaz R just lyke totalli cool d00ds do nt diss!
Hey Friday wz rli cool Me & Chazza went bowlin wit da ultimate schmooveys cos we love em and Leroy wz bein funi as usual tis wz fun I was winnin until chaz decided 2 go & get a strike & a spare all at 1nc Grrrrrr! talk bout fix teehee! thn we gt lif frm jamie 2 maccy ds yummm thn we went to Butlins and met Lee & Gibby & Danny cam & Lee wz bein so grumpy so I talked to Danny yes i Hope ur readin this & Lee wz sooo grumpy Grrrrrr L.B 4 G.R Match made in heaven teehee! Newayz afta Butlins we went 4 a drive wit Olly & Russell & We wer frickn nackered & we gt in at 4.30 nt askin 4 milk this tyme thgh teehee anotha fun lil adventure!!!
Omigod today wz totalli so kewl!!! Me & Nikki had too try and get ourselves outa bed dis mornin Yawn @ 8am wz harsh then we had 15 min 15 BLOODY MINS 2 get ready teehee me lked rough then we gt taxi to Ricks Cafe lmao! Thn we gt on train we sum cooly d00ds i mn totalli kewl!!!! Jason had to be coolest thgh! We then went all the way up to Clapham Jctn Thn to chelsea to watch the Parade and omigod it was sooo full me & Nikki hd 2 mole in 2 get 2 frnt bt we made it and i gt on barrier & stood up & gt well gd view and thn the bus cam and i nearly fell of barrier lampard lked so fit! teehee wz soo kewl the whole crowd was singin chants 4 ages me & Nikki had such sore throat at end thn we kept on gettn beer frm the cool d00ds and we h8 it but we drink so much rest was a blur till we cam bk on train and started tauntin arseranl fans teehee! And omigod worst man cam up and sed sum1 split beer on him but it wern't beer He pissed himself wz totalli yuk!!! and he stood nxt to me and wudn't fuk off altho evry1 was takin piss eurgh it wz ruff i felt as thgh i was gonna be sik but thn he gt off phew! and me & nikki gt bak hers and thr so much more bt me hands r achin grrrr! 
Teehee sat nyte was so frickn funny ain't had a nyte tht funni in ages!!!!! O yeah and i was wit Chazza of course!!!! She iz one d00d & a half!!!!!!! Saturday day wz ok we sat at Zoe wits sum cool d00d called J'son thn me & Chaz went 2 myne & spilt red wine all ova ma carpet & sum frickn cunt & a half stitched us up!!!! Dn't evn bother talkin 2 me & stop tryin 2 act hard!!!!! So we decided 2 go to Butlins, A Festival of Football thingy! So we gt redy thn missioned it up 2 chaz's whr we niked all her sistas Smiroffs teehee!!!!! Thn we walked 2 day bus stop singin our hearts out randomly 2 Pocahontas & the Lion King when Aaron & matt s pulled up & asked us whr the partee was how embarrassin so we gt on the bus and arrived at Butlins whr Lee met us & gave us our passes!!!!!! So we went to the entertainment thing & gt a lil pissed (o dear)!!!!! And met sum cool d00ds in da loo we made!!! We went to dance & me & chaz randomly decided it wud be funi 2 jump up onto da stage to amarillo b4 we gt chuked off by sum ladee!!!! & SUM GURL WZ TXTIN LEWIS & SHE LOOKED LYKE SHED BN TO A CHARITY SHOP 2 PIK OUT HER OUTFIT AND SHE WAS WEARIN A BOOB TUBE AS A TOP WTA DILDO! And thn we started dancin on the chairs wt diks lol!!! We all went bk 2 charlies (the coolest d00d) and da othrs chalet wer chaz passed pout o and fell dwn sum stairs & thn we left 2 get our taxi & found a trolley in which i pushed chaz round da whole of Butlins 4 bout an hour!!! Thn we rode da horses ok nt rly rode they went movin bt it felt like it!!!! Hummmm mayb i was quite pissed afta all!!!! Lol more like totalli rat-arsed!!!!! And thn i saved chaz frm fallin in a lake!!! thn we jumped in a taxi wit sum french geeza i fink it wz wrong one ^& finalli we ended up in rite taxi gt home & chaz asked 4 coco pops & i apparently asked mum 4 sum milk ok thn Newayz ma bed wz lush and we slept & woke up STL PISSED wt fer reaks!!!!!!!!!!!! Loves ya Chaz xxXxx ~1~

Loves U All Ma Sexi Hunni Bunny Boos!!!!!!!!