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Cheese Or Egg???
Da ChEeSe/EGg Debate Settled!!!!!

Ma Bitches Cont. Coz They r da best lol


Nikki Is so kewl!!!! I love her to frickn pieces!!!!!! U go Gurl!!!!!!


Zoe iz so pretty and small and soooo bloody tiny & i love her 2 pieces 4 it!! her hair lks absolutely Fab!! Hehe loves ya huni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shake tht booty baby shake but dn't throw up on yaself lol jk! I Love ya Babez Ur da best and dn't stop shaking tht booty and bein the frickn funniest in the year u gay hommaphobic piece of shite lol jks ur the best!!!!!!

And Alice Baby is da best so dn't stop bein tht dumass blonde tht u r hehe!!! Hypa!! Ur so Stunnin and Gr8 Love u loadz and loadz and loadz xxxxxxxxx 


Ellie is Gorge & Blessed wit such mahussive knockers hehe Love ya squillions Keep It real!!!! Loves ya xxxxxxx


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Loves U All Ma Sexi Hunni Bunny Boos!!!!!!!!