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All About ma Sexi Mumas

Dis page iz all bout ma fave gurlies

Ma Sexi Baby Chaz

Chaz iz one of ma greatest eva m8s!! she is absolutely stunnin & I love her so so much if thr wz one person in this world i cudn't live without it wud be her (plus ma mum she gt muni!!! and i love her 2) Me & Chaz r such gd buddies we have bn on holiday wit each other & r goin agen in da Summa Holz 4 7 weeks to France, italy & greece! Gna b phat! I love u sooo much Chaz!!!!!!  


Cassie Iz a d00dette & a half we all love her & fink she is absolutely fabtastic!!! loves ya  MWAH!!!!! Giz Sophz a kiss hehe!!!


Jazz iz da coolest d00d around!!! She is rly pretty & evry1 loves her gr8 personality!!! She neva fails 2 make me lauf & I frickn get pissed off wen peeps r out 2 her (Ash!!) Keep groovin Jazz baby we love ya!!!

Loves U All Ma Sexi Hunni Bunny Boos!!!!!!!!